Small Scale Fishermen Lose a Leader

The tragic story of Chandrika Sharma, lost with 238 others aboard Malaysia Air Flight 370.


 The Passamaquoddy Alternative

The story of Truth and Reconciliation on many levels. This article is a celebration of Native oversight of marine resources. 


 Rockweed Booms, Who Benefits?

The Stat of Maine gets in bed with multinational corporations to divest coastal communities of another resource: Rockweed.


 Take This Job and Shove It

An editorial on how our state gives out resources to corporations in exchange for "jobs"
It's the not the jobs we want, it's the oportunity to be self employed harvesters, processors and protectors on our own terms. 

 Wild Habitat and Fish Pens

A story based on the research of Norwegian social scientist, Erling Christiansen, looks at what people believe about aquaculture, and why.